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Premier Security, Inc. is an Oregon based company founded in 2010 by Mr. Joseph Carmack. Over a decade later and with over 140 full and part time employees, the company has grown quickly while still maintaining the highest level of quality. The proof? In the highly competitive world of private security, we have 98.7% client retention, and our employee retention is 3 times better than the industry average.

Company History

Joseph Carmack founded Premier Security with the dream that a local security company could offer a higher quality of service than national security vendors.


A graduate of the University of Oregon, Joseph completed the police academy with its highest honors and began working towards becoming a security expert in multiple industries. During that time, Joseph worked for an international security provider for over a decade, developing training material used on a national level and garnering recognition for his ability to retain clients.


After several years as a director of security in Europe, Joseph returned to the United States and started Premier Security. Along with his 25+ years in the security field, Joseph owns four other businesses - a fitness gym, a commercial real estate company, a tattoo shop, and a recruitment agency for the formerly incarcerated.



Employee respect: We genuinely strive to improve our employee’s lives and to treat them with the utmost respect. In turn, the respect for their company and for the clients they service can be seen in their work. Their superior commitment is what creates a superior service.


Local advantage: Premier Security was created with the idea that choosing a security company should not mean having to choose between affordability and expertise when selecting a security provider. Having worked with national vendors, we have seen first hand that they experience service related issues due to a cumbersome corporate structure and managerial hierarchy. These extra layers of management have the added detraction of increasing the overall cost of the service.


Depth of experience: Most local providers are less expensive than national companies.  However, the trade-off can often be less experience and poorer performance . This is where Premier separates itself from the typical local provider, and is the driving force behind our success. While being responsive and affordable like a local company, Premier Security maintains the professionalism and expertise associated with national providers.




Mgmt. Profiles


Zachary Baker is the Vice president of Operations for Premier Security, ensuring that our quality of service is being exhibited at the ground level.


A graduate of the University of Oregon, and holding a Masters in Business from Bushnell University, he was a member of the Reserve Officer Training Corps for four years before enlisting as an Infantryman in the Oregon National Guard. Zach is a combat veteran of the 2014-15 deployment to Afghanistan, where he participated in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Resolute Support.


Zach has utilized his military training and formal education to develop and train our officers, combining the best skills from the civilian and military sectors.




Steve Carmack is the Area Director for Portland, overseeing all operations and interactions in the region.

Steve successfully owned and operated two businesses prior to his work with Premier Security, as well as being a manager for for an organization that had him working internationally.

Now with the ongoing expansion of the company, Premier Security has brought Steve in for the next challenge. His management background across multiple fields and his success in growing businesses makes him uniquely suited to the current role with Premier Security, overseeing both operations and business development.


Human Resources Manager

Shelbi Yucka is the Human Resources Manager for Premier Security, dedicated to ensuring the quality and consistency of our field officers and operations.

Shelbi is the officer liaison and in this role continues to hold our officers to the highest private security and customer service standards. 

Self Employment Assistance - Getting the company started

In this video, made by the Self-Employment Assistance department for the State of Oregon, Joseph Carmack, founder of Premier Security is featured.





Dan Preller was the first client for Premier Security. At the end of 2009,  Joseph was no longer working with his previous company, and came to Dan with the proposal to start his own security company. Having worked with Joseph for years and knowing what he could offer, Dan agreed.  With no physical business existing at that time, trusting in an idea was a very generous decision. Premier Security and its officers are grateful for the generosity and faith that Dan had at that moment. What started as Dan’s confidence in an idea is now a company that employs over 100 people. Dan passed away in 2014, but the caring attitude he had towards those he worked with will be remembered.

Anyone who met Joel knew him as loud, brash and impossible to ignore. He was also very forward thinking in the security industry, and cared deeply about his staff and his officers. Working for the same national security provider, he found Joseph as a young supervisor in Eugene and began mentoring him in security and management. As Joseph received promotions and eventually left to work overseas, Joel was there for guidance and advice along the way. In 2009, Joel passed away from cancer, leaving a large void in the lives of his family, friends and employees. Joseph and Joel had occasionally discussed starting their own company and how doing so would overcome the inherent limitations of a national provider. Within a few months of Joel’s passing, Joseph split with their mutual former employer and started Premier Security. Joel is fondly remembered as a teacher and a friend, and his principles and values live on with this venture.

In Memoriam
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