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Are you serious about a career in security? 

This may be that opportunity. Premier Security’s unique niche and rate of growth provides its employees with the ability to grow along with the company.


Our guidelines for employment are more stringent than your typical security company, but the pride of service and the possibilities provided by Premier Security can make it a worthwhile step. Premier Security treats its employees with RESPECT, understanding that they are the true ‘product’ in security. (See for yourself in their comments below)


To apply, simply send us your resume by e-mail or mail. If you have what we're looking for, we'll include you in the next set of interviews. 



In our annual anonymous officer survey, 96% of Premier Security officers would recommend a friend to work for the company.

To see why, check out what employees are saying about Premier Security:

"I appreciate the feeling of being needed."

"I appreciate the fact that the life of the employee is a factor in this company. It is good to know that if something comes up unexpectedly, Premier is willing to work with us to the best of their ability."

"This company recognizes employees and gives them credit for a job well done. Most companies I have worked for only point you out if you have done something wrong or are in trouble."

"I am glad to have a boss that trusts my integrity and stands behind his officers 100%."

“I appreciate being a valued employee and a real person; not just an expendable number on a spreadsheet.”

"Based on my experience working for other security companies, Premier is the only company that seriously values its employees. That job satisfaction produces better service to the client and better officer morale."

"The way employees are treated is way above any large security firm I have worked at before."

"I like how I am treated as an employee. This is the best job I've ever held."

"I appreciate the time and attention given during communications with supervisors and how it is actually considered later, instead of forgotten about like you are just another invaluable and replaceable employee."

"I appreciate having a boss that really values you as an employee and is willing to trust and support you at all times."

"Premier Security does not treat employees as disposable/replaceable. Employees feel valued."

"Premier Security cares about its employees; It is far and away the best security company I have worked for."

"I appreciate the willingness to help out employees, especially new ones. Personally I have made a few mistakes in the past and instead of being fired immediately, I was helped out and switched to a time slot that is easier for me."

"Management is very responsive. If you need something, they are on it immediately."

"This is by far one of the greatest employers I have worked for. The pay, employees, supervisors and owner have all been great since my employment first began."

“I appreciate the ability to become knowledgeable in the security field and the support that the company gives its officers who are pursuing a career in law enforcement.”

“We are all treated as though our opinions, even if they're wrong, matter. Everyone is understanding. Management wouldn't ask me to do something they wouldn't do.”

“Joseph and supervisors make the employees feel important and truly care for them.”

"I appreciate how flexible and understanding Premier is to my other personal responsibilities. As a mother of four and a student, it is hard to find an employer willing to work with my available schedule."

"The company paid insurance is much better than I thought it would be. Also, I've been given an amazing post with an amazing supervisor."

"I appreciate the time off I get for my son and not hearing any complaints. All I hear is ‘family first’ and it truly shows."

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