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100% of our clients say that Premier Security is better than any security provider they have had before. Curious? You get to ask them yourself during our proposal process.


Equipped with the same knowledge and experience as a national provider, but armed with all the advantages of a local company, Premier Security stands alone between national and local vendors.


Our officers receive individual attention and respect, keeping them focused on your security goals, and helping us to maintain one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry.


'Based in Oregon' means that we can remain responsive, and not bogged down by a corporate pyramid of approval for simple, local decisions.


By eliminating the corporate costs attached to every national vendor’s bill rates, Premier Security is more cost effective.


From start to finish, Premier Security provides you with one point of contact.


Putting money back into Oregon’s economy, Premier Security strives to use local vendors.


Premier Security is passionate about security and feels that our services shouldn't stop at providing a security officer. That is why our additional services are all offered free of charge.


Through education, analyses, and advice, we are committed to reducing crime, creating a sense of safety, and raising the bar for the security industry.


From meeting with your employees, developing your company’s security orientation program, and even offering training resources to our competitors, Premier Security is truly committed to safety and security for all.


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