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National and local security providers have their strengths and weaknesses.


Premier Security has capitalized on the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS,

while eliminating the less desirable aspects.


We're local, but our professionalism and expertise is world class.



National vendor bill rates will include costs unnecessary to your security program, (corporate offices, sales teams, legal dept, etc.) This typically adds a 7% increase to your bill.


Local security vendors tend to be less expensive than their national counterparts

With lower costs than national vendors, Premier Security can afford to pay a better wage to its officers or reduce your budget. 


National vendors have ready access to quality training material, and have often developed their own curriculum.

With 18 years of national and international experience, and having created curriculum and training on a national level, Premier Management has developed training to rival any company.

(But its implementation is only as good as the manager who is attempting to put it into place.)

Local providers generally lack the expertise, experience and know-how to make a world-class training program.

The primary complaint of employees for national security providers is "I feel like I'm just a number."


We know our employees. We respect our employees. The owner of the company is involved in the selection of every single one. This respect and attentiveness has lead to an industry leading level of employee retention.

 Most local companies excel at having a personal relationship with their employees.

As we grow, our resources go straight back to freeing up our managers for day-to-day operations. This allows us to ensure the quality of the product that you purchased.


Depending on their recruitment and training, national vendors can have managers with solid expertise.

(But don't ask your graveyard officer the last time he saw him on site. Management isn't afforded the time for daily operations.)

Many local providers lack the manpower to both run the business AND check in on their officers.

National vendors will use a salesman you will likely never see again, making it difficult to be held accountable for promises made.

From negotiating an agreement to providing the service, Premier Security gives you the same, single point of contact. 


From sale to service, most local vendors will have the same point of contact.

A national vendor will also have a professional security consultant,


With Premier Security, you can pick up the phone 24/7 and receive free, expert advice. 

(But he won't be free. The going price for a full site security assessment is $10,000!)

Most local vendors are able to offer solid advice for commonplace problems. However, rare or compex issues can find them out of their depth.

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